Our Mission

EDU Lawn Service is committed to not only provide a top tier lawn service, but to provide each of our employees a solid foundation to complete their college degree.

Our seasonal employees consist of students involved with the Missouri A+ and veterans on the GI Bill. Employees can submit a portion of their wage to a foundation we have established. Each employee will be responsible to get involved in every aspect of running the day to day operations of the services we provide. That means our students will be responsible for learning about marketing, bookkeeping, quality improvement, safety, and human resources. Every aspect of the day to day operations are emphasized. EDU Lawn matches submissions to its foundation to help with college expenses.

EDU Lawn Service is committed to helping our employees and returning veterans attain a four year degree at an affordable price and obtain valuable knowledge and experience about business operations and entrepreneurship while obtaining a degree. This is community building at it’s core. This is not a short-term fix to the issues facing our young professionals today.