Donors & Supporters

EDU Lawn Service has an educational foundation, and as such, we do accept donations that are tax deductible. If you feel the need to help strengthen our communities like we do, your support is not only appreciated, but crucial. By providing a pathway to success, these young and educated students can start their own success stories in our communities.

Todd Coleman
Founder & CEO


Our foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization. We are supported by some of the best and most respected businesses in their class and invite you to check out the services they offer. Below, please follow the links to explore the services they offer and feel free to contact them for any needs you may have. We not only use them because they have supported our mission but we feel they are the best in their respective fields. We could not provide the service we offer without them. Our thanks and gratitude for not only their time and service, but also their long hours helping to meet our needs.